Every day criminals are developing new schemes to hack and scam unknowing consumers. The real estate industry and real estate transactions are no exception! In fact, because there is usually a large amount of money exchanging hands, these transactions are popular targets for criminals and wire fraud schemes have become common.


At Dyer Land Title we will take the precautions necessary on our end to safeguard your transaction from criminals. However, it is important that consumers remain vigilant and on the lookout for such scams as well. Be suspicious of any emails regarding your real estate transaction. If you receive an email that doesn’t feel right, call us. We love to hear from our customers anyway, and would be glad to put your mind at ease!

It is important to remember that Dyer Land Title will NEVER, send you wiring instructions via email. If you receive an email regarding wiring instructions or changes to wiring instructions, please contact us right away. Additionally, never send your personally identifiable information through an unencrypted email.

We have included some links that can help you educate yourself about the risks of cyber fraud and wire fraud schemes.




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